What is a canvas print?

Our shop sells modern decorative prints that will elevate your space. Please remember that frames are not included.

A canvas print, not to be confused with a canvas painting, is an image printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas. 

There is common confusion between mounted prints, acrylic prints and canvas prints. A mounted print is a paper print attached to a backing board. The emphasis of this print is to preserve the photo and prepare it for framing or put on a wall. Canvas prints give an artistic feel. This is because they’re similar in appearance to oil and acrylic paintings.

Canvas is a strong and durable fabric traditionally created with hemp. Today, cotton and linen have replaced hemp. Most of the canvas prints that you buy for your home use cotton or polyester. 

Most of our prints are cotton prints. Cotton is higher-quality and closer to what you would find in a museum. 


Size Matters....Your Guide in inches!

Mini Sized

Mini canvas prints, easel back canvas prints, and other small art prints are perfect for filling those small spaces around your house with fond memories. So if there’s an open gap on your shelf or on a bedside table, check out the sizes below:

  • 4×4: A tiny square canvas print, perfect for fitting in the corners of bookshelves.
  • 4×6: A size with similar proportions on a smaller scale to the 5×7. This size work great for the top of desks or bedside tables.
  • 6×6: This small, square sized canvas print works great for small spaces like spots in larger arrangements or in the bathroom.
  • 5×7: This standard photo size canvas print is great for smaller wall spaces in the bedroom, bathroom, and stairways.

Small To Medium Sized

Small to medium canvas prints are perfect for creating multi canvas print layouts in larger rooms, or for filling smaller walls in the bedroom or bathroom.

  • 8×10: This canvas size is a standard printed photo perfect for family pictures or momentos from travels when hanging in smaller rooms.
  • 10×10: Compared to the 8×10, this size is slightly larger and square, making it perfect for multi canvas layouts.
  • 10×20: A 10×20 is perfect for highlighting a special landscape photo or for unique wall space.
  • 11×14: This medium sized print looks great as a guest bedroom stand alone or a part of a varied layout on a larger wall.
  • 12×12: Very similar to the 10×10, but slightly larger, making it the better option for walls with more space when creating a multi canvas layout.
  • 14×16: This substantial size works great for family holiday pictures, portraits, or wedding photos.

Large and Over-sized

If you have plenty of wall space, a special family portrait, or a favorite high quality photo, these extra large canvas prints might be the best choice for you. Check out our breakdown of sizes below:

  • 20×20: A 20×20 canvas print is the perfect way to showcase a special photo in either a gallery wall or as a stand alone.
  • 20×24: This portrait ready size looks great in bedrooms, guest rooms, and hallways.
  • 24×24: It’s large, square, and perfect for placing above a signature piece of furniture or above a headboard.
  • 24×36: This tall canvas looks great hanging above a sofa as a stand alone photo.
  • 30×40: This large stand alone canvas print is perfect for living rooms and offices, or anywhere that you want to impress guests.
  • 36×36: Searching for a canvas print that looks like it might belong in a museum? This size is best used as a stand out piece in a large room.

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